Dawn Foods stays up to the minute with new cookie flavours

sep 30, 2019, 08:16 by Dawn Foods UK

Caramel Latte Cookie

Dawn Foods has launched four new seasonal frozen cookie pucks, capitalising on the trend for fruit and chocolate combinations as well as culture inspired flavours.

The cookies are supplied in a pre-cut 'puck' format so bakers and caterers can bake them as demand requires and offer freshly baked cookies throughout the day. The new pucks include a Blueberry, Banana & White Chocolate Cookie, ideal for serving at breakfast; a Chocolate & Lime Cookie, made using a lime flavour cookie dough and bursting with both white and milk chocolate chunks; an Apple & Cinnamon Cookie, which, with its lightly spiced dough, raisins and apple, is perfect for Autumn and finally a Caramel Latte Cookie, filled with salted caramel fudge pieces and a caramel latte flavour.

Made using Dawn's authentic cookie mix recipe to give an open textured, crunchy bite and moist centre, all the pucks in the range feature natural flavours, which are very on trend as Jacqui Passmore, marketing manger UK and Ireland at Dawn Foods explains:

"The combination of fruit and chocolate is very popular; chocolate adds indulgence to a product with the fruit content adding many of the sweet tones. Tastes are evolving and consumers are acquiring the taste for different levels and sources of sweetness in bakery products.

"Bakery is taking its inspiration from the beverage menu in coffee chains with caramel latte very popular at present. These flavour profiles appeal to a younger consumer for whom coffee culture and the associated terms are now part of everyday life".