Dawn Launches Vegan Creme Cake Mixes

nov 20, 2019, 12:37 by Dawn Foods UK
Vegan Avocado and Chocolate Cake 2

Dawn Foods has launched a range of easy to use Vegan Crème Cake Mixes, recognised by the European Vegetarian Union, plus a collection of new vegan-friendly recipes utilising suitable products from Dawn’s complete range.

Dawn’s New Vegan Crème Cake Mixes are available in chocolate and plain flavours and require just the addition of water and oil, or margarine. The new mixes give a delicious moist cake that compares well with cakes made with Dawn’s regular crème cake mix. Using one mix to create sweet bakes that will appeal to all kinds of consumers – vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians – can be a real cost and time saver for bakers as there’s no need to buy in separate ingredients. A classic recipe can be easily transformed into a delicious vegan friendly cake or dessert, suitable for all.

Versatile, the new mixes can be used to create a range of products, including muffins, loaf cakes and traybakes, such as vegan Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes featuring a hidden core of Dawn Delifruit Cherry fruit filling. The mix tolerates inclusions well too – Dawn’s Vegan Matcha Cupcake recipe for example incorporates sweet potato and Matcha tea into the Plain vegan Crème cake mix – and gives consistently excellent results.

As well as their vegan credentials, Dawn’s new mixes feature sustainable ingredients; the chocolate vegan mix is made with UTZ certified cocoa and they also do not contain palm oil. The products carry the V-Label, the internationally recognised symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and ingredients.

You can pair the new mixes with products from our range that are also suitable for vegans. Dawn’s Compounds, concentrated pastes for adding flavour and colour to icings and toppings, as well as Dawn’s fruit fillings and glazes are also suitable for vegans.