Dawn Foods Commits to Solar for Future Sustainability

aug 20, 2020, 05:33 by Rhian Hawkings

Dawn Foods has invested in solar power as part of the company’s commitment to making its UK production site far more energy efficient and reducing its carbon footprint.

Based at Evesham, Worcestershire, Dawn’s production and cold storage facilities operate seven days a week, consuming in excess of two million units of electricity per annum. The company has invested in a large complex solar system from solar experts Mypower which will provide Dawn Foods with a significant reduction in energy consumption as well as cost savings over time.            

Mypower designed and installed a 345kWp system, making maximum use of the available roof space at the bakery, including north facing roofs. In total 1046 panels were installed within 3 weeks.

The new solar system will generate an estimated 305,000kWh of clean, low cost, electricity per annum avoiding over 100 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  Ninety per cent of the solar generated electricity will then be re-used on-site to help power the production facility.

Kevin Power, Plant Manager at Dawn Foods said: “Dawn takes social responsibility very seriously and as a global bakery business, sustainability is key going forward. We produce millions of cakes and mixes every year and keeping a site like ours operational uses a lot of electricity! Mypower was able to come up with a solution that ensures a more sustainable way to generate electricity and means we avoid significant CO2 emissions too.”