Dawn Revamps Scoop & Bake Packaging

nov 5, 2020, 10:57 by Rhian Hawkings

Dawn Foods is actively targeting caterers and bakers who purchase via the retail cash & carry sector with new look tub packaging – complete with tamper proof lid - for its Scoop & Bake range of ready to bake frozen batters and doughs.

As well as a new style of 2kg tub, the revised packaging will feature visually strong labels complete with pictures of the finished product making it easier for users to select the Scoop & Bake variety they require in-store. 

Dawn’s Scoop & Bake is a smart solution for caterers and bakers to create profitable products that can be customised to suit their business. Scoop & Bake batter is ready to bake, so with many foodservice operations and retail bakeries now having reduced staff numbers, it is an easy and versatile way to create muffins, cookies, and cakes. There is no need to buy in additional ingredients; Scoop & Bake just needs to be thawed, portioned, baked off and served.

The thirteen-strong Scoop & Bake range includes batters for muffins such as Skinny Vanilla, Milk Chocolate & Orange, White Chocolate & Strawberry, as well as a Brownie batter, plus Cookie Doughs in Chocolate Chip and Vanilla flavours.