Dawn Foods Launches Sourdough Donut Mix into Industrial Bakery Sector

jan 12, 2021, 10:26 by Rhian Hawkings
A new sourdough donut mix from Dawn Foods, creator of the original yeast donut mix in 1920s America, is the first completely different donut texture to be launched into the industrial bakery sector for many years.

A ‘mash-up’ that combines everything consumers love about sourdough bread and yeast raised donuts, Dawn Foods’ new Sourdough Donut Mix creates finished donuts with a buttery but slightly acidic, sourdough flavour that’s much less sweet than a standard American-style donut. While a darker sourdough bread-like crust gives added texture, the inside of the Sourdough Donut has a soft, light, and airy eating quality.

Dawn’s premium Sourdough Donut mix can be used across many NPD applications with the sweet/sourdough combination pairing well with real fruit or custard fillings in ball donuts or ring donuts finished with flat icing or glazes. By using a mix, plant bakeries can be guaranteed consistency, an authentic sourdough flavour and texture in every batch of finished product, without having to buy in special sourdough ingredients and creating their own starter ferments.

The global sourdough market is forecast to register a compound annual growth rate of about 6.9% to 2023 with consumers also prepared to pay more for the premiumisation associated with sourdough products.

Dawn’s Sourdough Donut mix is currently available in 20kg bags.