Dawn Delicream fillings

Chocolate is a well known consumer favourite when it comes to bakery. It’s universal appeal makes it no surprise that we find a huge variety of bakery products containing “chocolate flavour ”. The newest editions to our Delicream range include a selection of cocoa & fat based fillings. This will allow you create great tasting pastries that tap into this consumer demand.


These highly versatile fillings are ready to use, easily spreadable and can be used in baked or unbaked applications. Our fat based fillings (no water in the formulation) are designed to work in fresh & longer shelf life bakery products. Only non hydrogenated fat is being used for our new fillings, as is the same for the whole Delicream range.

• Delicious taste
• Versatile for many applications
• Creamy mouthfeel
• Non hydrogenated
• Ready to use


An alternative source of fat in bakery
'Made with Shea butter'

Shea butter is a naturally renewable raw material. It is made from the shea nut or shea tree, which only grows naturally in the so called “shea belt” in Africa. A shea tree can live for over 300 years, and it can take up to 15-20 years for the first harvest of the shea nuts.

What makes the shea tree so special is that it is difficult to cultivate in plantations (so far there aren’t any). New trees are a result of a targeted regeneration process controlled by farmers. All nuts are “wild – sown”, grow on widely scattered shea trees and are harvested by the local population.


Our new delicream fillings portfolio


Looking for water-based fillings?

We also offer other premium water-based fillings, among which you can find the following flavours:

• Caramel
• Lemon
• San Felipe