Services for Artisanal Bakeries

We've been working with artisanal bakers since 1920, and we understand your goals and concerns: coming up with the products people love; watching costs while maximizing profit; staying connected to your customers and peers; knowing where to find inspiration and how to apply it; staying true to your legacy, but looking towards the future. We're here to help you with all of those — and more.

Baking with the Best in the Business

At Dawn Foods, we know you take pride in the artisanal creations you make for your customers and in the family recipes you may have passed down for generations. And we do too. Our expert bakers have worked for decades to perfect the quality of our ingredients and the taste of our recipes. Our goal is to bake innovation and insight into every formula and technique, so that from our family to yours, you are getting our best, every day.

It’s that respect for where we both come from that keeps us grounded. And, it’s our focus on the future that allows us to help you grow, innovate and adapt to an ever-changing bakery landscape. We provide the tools, ideas and support new and established bakeries need to help you become the bakery of choice for your community. From tips on how to maintain low costs to resources for finding inspiration that can drive new customers and higher sales, Dawn Foods is the partner bakers turn to for sweet success.

Targeted Solutions for Artisanal Bakers

  • We provide quality ingredients, ideas and formulas to help create signature items and on-trend products.
  • With thousands of products to choose from, we have the cupcake liners, flours, sugars and sprinkles your business needs to lead.
  • We serve as expert partners who care about your success, from your in-person sales representative to the delivery team that provides you with the products you’ve ordered.
  • We have technical experts who consult with your bakery staff to introduce new products or offer support for any challenge you may be facing.
  • We work to help you grow your business. From sharing the success stories of other bakeries like yours to offering advice on how to merchandise products, run promotions, train employees and price products, Dawn Foods is committed to you and your future.

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Consistent Quality Every Time

Dawn Foods started making products to help the donut shop operators offer consistent, great-tasting donuts. Today, we offer a full range of bakery products, and at the heart of every product is the same consistent quality you can count on, the flavors and textures that customers love and the promise of great taste that keeps people happy and coming back.


Consumer Insight

It’s no secret that tastes change over time. Trying to keep up with what people want from season to season and year to year can be challenging. At Dawn Foods, we invest heavily in consumer insight to understand evolving trends and interests so that we can pass those insights on to you and help you drive your sales higher.

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Technical Support

Baking is as much art as it is science. Our technical baking team has centuries of combined experience and is here to help you troubleshoot issues, test products or tackle a new project or idea. No matter what you need, our tech team is there to help you succeed.


"Our Dawn sales rep, Jay, is great. We had an ice storm in December. Our shop awning tore in two places. Jay happened to come in when I was talking to my wife about replacing it. I looked out our window the next morning and there was Jay, up on a ladder with needle and thread, sewing up our awning for us! I said, 'That doesn’t have much to do with cake,' and he said, 'But it has everything to do with your business. 'Our employees even stopped to hug him!'"

– Brack Whitley, Co-Owner of Creative Memories (Ft. Worth, TX)