Capitalizing on Carry Out

Having a carry out component to your bakery business has probably always been something you’ve factored into your business model. But when it becomes the only way to sell your baked goods, it takes on a whole new level of importance. We’ve put together some ideas for making the most of carry out potential to keep customers coming through the doors (or to the window):


1. Get Creative with Kits

Donuts, cookies, brownies and more can be easily put together in a kit that includes icing, sprinkles and other creative touches so that families can buy a dozen to take home and decorate. This gives families a chance to do something fun while at home and helps you sell more than one item at a time. Get creative and consider what products you can pull into a kit. It’s a sure way to make your customers feel like something special is waiting for them at your bakery.

2. Automate Ordering and Pick Up

One of the things that keeps customers at home is the fear that they will have to wait in lines or crowds to order, pay for, and pick up their orders. If you have online ordering, promote it heavily so customers know they can automate the process. And, if you don’t have online ordering, consider integrating into your website as soon as possible. There are free ecommerce platforms like shopify or square online store that can get you up and running quickly. You can also automate pick up by delivering curbside so customers don’t have to leave their cars or even schedule pick up times so you’re minimizing and controlling the number of customers in your store at any given time.

3. Consider Daily Specials

Many bakeries already have daily specials or featured flavors for donuts, muffins, scones and more. In this carry out environment, definitely ramp up your daily offerings and promote them heavily on social media. Even ask for suggestions (and implement the ones that make sense for your operation) to give customers a reason to return.

4. Sell Gift Cards

For customers who don’t want to leave their homes, gift cards are a smart way to bring in revenue and help your loyal patrons support you. The gift cards can be used later once COVID-19 has passed while giving you the income you need to operate successfully.


Over the coming weeks, look for more strategies from Dawn Foods on succeeding in the COVID-19 climate. With small shifts and smart strategies, we’re partnering with bakeries to help them operate as effectively as possible with less.

We're Here to Help You

Still intimidated by social and struggling the find the time?  We’re here to help. Dawn Foods will be providing social media content and suggestions to our customers over the coming weeks to help you stay connected and stay busy. It’s just one way we put bakers first and are focused on doing all we can do to help you succeed.