Consumer Trend Guide: Eater-tainment

A trend is a name we give to the constant change around us; inspiration for new thoughts, ideas, and approaches. Consumer trends are a reflection of this constant change, driven by large-scale societal, economic, demographic, and industrial shifts. Trends remain in the market for a significant period of time and can influence many types of products, including food. 

In this guide, we will focus on the consumer trend of That’s Eater-tainment, help you understand this trend and how to create bakery products to meet this demand. 

For many, busier lives are resulting in shorter meal times, causing food to become just another task to squeeze into a hectic schedule. Consequently, the opportunity to enjoy a traditional sit-down meal is more often being made into a special occasion where the food takes center stage.* What does this mean for your bakery? It means you have the opportunity to get your customers excited to enjoy sweet baked goods as a special occasion that has value beyond the food.