What's Trending Spotlight: Blissful Indulgence

What’s Trending Spotlight

Blissful Indulgence

Dawn Foods uncovered the Top 8 consumer trends impacting bakery businesses, and here we’re taking a closer look at each one. This time, we’re focusing on Blissful Indulgence – the way to elevate your mood with a decadent sweet treat and well deserved time out.


Disconnect, Decompress, and Delight Your Taste buds with Blissful Indulgence

Ever feel overrun, overtired, and ready to disconnect?

 You’re not alone. Today more than ever, people are seeking out well-deserved moments to unplug and relax. Our world is more connected than ever, and people need mental escapes to reduce stress and anxiety.


Trend Talk – A Closer Look at Blissful Indulgence

You may know the social media hashtag FOMO, which stands for the Fear of Missing Out. Today, this idea is evolving into JOMO, or the Joy of Missing Out. People are enjoying the idea of stepping back from their overscheduled lives, seeking to be more in control of their time.

 But people don’t want to just unwind. They want moments of bliss that they consider worthwhile.


What This Means for Your Bakery – Bringing Blissful Indulgence to the Customer

How do you ensure you’re giving your customers relaxing moments that matter to them? Help them escape their current reality and savor the sheer bliss of a decadent, unapologetic sweet that elevates their mood and stimulates their senses, transporting them to a world where their worries melt away.

  • Think custom creations that maximize flavor and visual impact.
  • You can also turn to unique ingredients or taste combinations that celebrate the special nature of these indulgent moments.
  • Blissful Indulgence also gives bakers the chance to showcase your creativity. Because these sweet treats need to feel special, this is the perfect time to feature custom creations that bring your inspiration to life.
  • Unexpected flavors, forms, designs and descriptions are the perfect fit for meeting the Blissful Indulgence trend head on. Showcase them in your case, online and in your social media efforts. You will have customers coming in to partake in no time.
  • Customers will pay more for a moment of bliss – add premium items to your offering to increase your average retail ring


Research at the Ready – The Three Key Data Nuggets You Need to Know

1. According to recent research, 67 percent of global consumers claim they are “going to make active attempts to reduce their stress levels.”

2. Today, there are heightened perceptions of time scarcity and higher levels of stress, driving people to spend on smaller, low-cost self rewards, like premium desserts.

3. And while everyone loves a cupcake or cookies, these desserts that are serving as emotional rewards for our busy lifestyles must feel worth it. More and more, people are valuing quality over quantity. So, instead of three chocolate chip cookies, we are more apt to savor one rich, unique and blissful bite.


Try this Trend Now

Ready for even more inspiration? Here’s a RECIPEfor gourmet cupcakes.  Think about making it sometime soon and adding premium fillings to give customers that unexpected moment of relaxation and Blissful Indulgence.