Creme Cake Bases and Concentrates

The best thing about creme cake is its versatility to make a variety of finished products, and Dawn creme cake mixes, bases and concentrates deliver on this promise every time. No matter what your production and baking environment is, we have a solution to deliver high quality and great tasting creme cake products that your customers will love. Our formulas create thick batters that suspend fruit, nuts and other ingredients evenly for amazing taste in every bite.


  • Tolerant formulas that perform well in a variety of production and baking environments
  • Thick batter suspends inclusions evenly
  • Unbeatable flavor, appearance and moistness
  • Batters and finished products perform through a freeze/thaw cycle
  • Longer shelf-life means fewer stales and more efficient production
  • Extremely versatile for making a wide range of products — from muffins, ring cakes, loaf cakes, to specialty cakes and crumb cakes
  • Wide variety of formulas and ideas available to help you use creme cake for many products and to help you envision your own creme cake creations