Specialty Cake Mixes

Dawn Foods has developed a range of specialty cake mixes that make it easy and efficient for you to create traditional favorites like angel food, pound and sponge cakes, as well as creative new concepts. And with the quality and consistency you’ve come to trust from Dawn Foods, you can rest assured that your cakes will bring consumers back time after time.

Angel Food Cake Mix

  • Unique formula creates an extremely light and fluffy cake
  • Mix creates a fat-free angel food cake that is more consistent and takes less time than making from scratch
  • Uses only a single-stage process — just add water, whip it up and bake

Pound Cake Mix

  • Uses a single-stage process with only water added
  • Easily add your favorite flavorings for variation and customization

Sponge Cake Mix

  • Open-cell structure creates light airy texture that pairs well in many applications
  • Formulas for specific needs, like jelly rolls and tres leches cakes
  • Makes a more consistent sponge cake that takes less time and effort than baking from scratch