Buttercreme Style Icings

Your customers purchase bakery treats the first time with their eyes, and then every time after that because of the appeal and taste your creations provide. That’s why our new frostings come in a vibrant array of colors — to make your case stand out. Amazing flavors, smooth and workable textures, on-trend colors and the right ingredients create a winning combination for your decorators, your customers and your bakery.


  • Superior taste your customers will come back for
  • Creamy texture to make each bite feel decadent
  • Come in a vivid color palette that mirrors the trends of today
  • Incredible workability for flexibility no matter what your design or inspiration

Naturally Brilliant Buttercreme Style Icings:

Consumer preferences are shifting, and many seek better-for-you bakery options they can feel good about and that taste and look amazing. Now, with Dawn Balance® Naturally Brilliant, they can have it all. Our Buttercreme Style Icing and Flat Icing colors are sourced from plants, fruits and/or vegetables; use natural flavors; and are free from artificial sweeteners. This means you can offer eye-catching, great-tasting products that exceed consumer expectations.

Naturally Brilliant