Donut & Pastry Icings

Whether you need a chocolate icing that provides smooth coverage for that decadent donut, or a high-sheen white icing for wrapped pastries, Dawn’s donut and pastry icings provide you with a great finish.


  • Easy to use: no pre-mixing required
  • Works the same every time, providing consistency you can rely on
  • Provides exceptional stability, drying quickly and holding up on your donuts (cooked icing won’t break down and weep off the donuts)

Varieties Include:

  • White
  • Chocolate
  • Maple
  • Caramel
  • Cream Cheese

Naturally Brilliant Flat Icings:

Consumer preferences are shifting, and many seek better-for-you bakery options they can feel good about and that taste and look amazing. Now, with Dawn Balance® Naturally Brilliant, they can have it all. Our Buttercreme Style Icing and Flat Icing colors are sourced from plants, fruits and/or vegetables; use natural flavors; and are free from artificial sweeteners. This means you can offer eye-catching, great-tasting products that exceed consumer expectations.

Naturally Brilliant Flat Icings