Decorations & Finishes

Meringue Powders

Make the perfect pie, every time! A sweet finish to tarty pies with an airy meringue for a luscious lemon or lime dessert. Dawn Meringue powders give your meringues a smooth, and crisp top with deliciously soft and puffy inside. Ideal for making meringue shells, kisses, rings and royal icing for piping.


  • Easy to use, one-step complete meringue
  • Convenient 2 step base is cost effective while versatile
  • Pleasant and light mouth feel for any dessert
  • Bake stable
  • Freeze and thaw stable
  • Smooth creamy texture

Piping Jellies

Dawn piping jellies have superior taste, consistency and clarity. Easy to use, in a full range of colours that can add accents, borders and script to any cake design. Neutral piping gel readily takes color so that you can quickly and easily achieve whatever look you want.


  • Full colour pallet with darker pigment colours to create any design
  • Also can be used as a glaze
  • Freeze / thaw tolerance