Ready-to-Finish Pastry

Experience the buttery deliciousness of biting into a flaky croissant or delight in the aroma of a fresh-baked cinnamon roll — both made easy with a little help from Dawn Foods. Dawn’s ready-to-finish laminated dough products are a convenient way to guarantee quality pastries every time. Made with the finest ingredients, like real butter, this labor-saving lineup gives you everything you need to keep a well-stocked pastry case with a minimum amount of mess. Dawn’s extensive selection of pastries also provides superior shelf life, remaining tender longer than standard products. And you can add your signature flourishes with our companion icings and fillings to really set your bakery apart from the competition.


  • Contain zero grams trans fat
  • Bulk-packed to provide flexibility in portion control with bulk packing
  • Reduce waste and ensure freshness throughout the day as you bake only what you need\
  • Consistent product weights and uniformity
  • Consistent quality, flavor and performance

Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing says Saturday morning quite like the tender, flaky, gooey goodness of a cinnamon roll. With both traditional and gourmet options to choose from, Dawn makes it easy for you to stock your case with the perfect cinnamon roll, whether you’re looking for one that is exceptionally decadent or a more affordable variety.

  • Minimize labor and mess — simply proof and bake
  • Rich, tender butter layered dough and moist cinnamon filling
  • Several swirls of filling in product provide excellent visual appeal


Dawn offers several pre-formed croissant sizes to choose from, as well as a versatile square to fill with either sweet or savory fillings to customize with your own signature touch.

  • Guarantee that butter and margarine are worked into layer upon layer of dough to ensure a tender, flaky result
  • Minimize labor and mess — simply proof and bake
  • Available in four different pre-formed sizes, plus a versatile square to fill and customize
  • Filled croissants are made with real butter in three popular flavors
  • Convenient packaging format makes it easy to pull out just one tray at a time, for less waste and fresher products


Dawn offers a wide variety of both pre-formed and formable Danish dough in different shapes and sizes, from bearclaws to snails — so that you can add visual interest to your pastry case. Pair this tender, flaky dough with a fillingspread or smear, and treat your customers to something truly special.

  • Minimize labor and mess — simply proof and add your choice of fillings and toppings before baking
  • Create signature items with formable dough without the labor required to laminate

Puff Pastry

Dawn’s puff pastry provides consistently tender and flaky results. Simply add your choice of fillings or glazes to our traditional formats to create your own signature pastries in a breeze. Unleash your creativity with both sweet and savory versions, and keep your customers coming back for more.

  • Take dough straight from freezer to oven, no proofing required
  • Available in a wide variety of pre-formed shapes, like strudel or turnovers, to make it even easier to achieve fresh-baked pastries