Ready-to-Sell Classic Dessert Cakes

Connecting over cake makes any moment more special. Whether it’s a surprise weeknight dessert to celebrate a soccer win or as a centerpiece for an 80th birthday celebration, a special cake shows you care. It's easy to see why cakes drive the largest percentage of bakery sales: they bring us together for celebrations large and small.

The largest dollar-growth opportunity is in dessert cakes, and Dawn has a wide variety of ready-to-sell dessert cakes to help you maximize your cake sales while minimizing labor. By partnering with us for traditional and upscale dessert cakes, you can spend your staff time on creative, custom additions where the decorating effort pays off. From the busiest times of year like graduation season and the winter holidays, to expanding the number of chocolate options for customers to choose from, let us help you expand your assortment. When you maximize cake sales, you maximize bakery sales — and Dawn is here to help.


  • Ready-to-sell, pre-decorated cakes — just thaw and merchandise, no labor required
  • Easily-merchandisable, clear dome packaging that allows consumers to see what’s inside before they buy
  • Consistent quality, weight, and appearance
  • Zero grams trans fat

Classic Dessert Cakes

Some desserts never go out of style, like dessert cakes in classic flavors. Dawn offers a variety of simply designed timeless favorites, from Pineapple Upside Down Cake to Boston Cream — at affordable price points sure to drive impulse buys from your customers.

  • Free your decorating labor for complicated custom design projects
  • Everyday and seasonally appropriate, traditional cake flavors
  • Pre-printed labels in every case

NEW! Triple-Layer Dessert Cakes

Frosting, and a lot of it, is a significant influencer in cake purchase decisions. That’s why Dawn’s new line of triple-layer dessert cakes have been designed to deliver more buttercreme per serving. With three slim cake layers and two mid-fill frosting layers, we’ve changed the ratio of icing to cake, which will change up the enthusiasm your customers show for these cakes.

  • Updated cake designs highlight hand-decorated appeal
  • Everyday and seasonally-appropriate on-trend flavors make updating your assortment easy
  • Suggested retail price of $14.99 allows you to increase your top line with higher-quality cakes
  • 365 days of frozen shelf life and seven days refrigerated shelf life, as well as five days ambient shelf life
  • Capitalize on peak selling seasons by bringing in extra items to bolster your sales without additional labor — simply thaw and sell
  • Band-style labels allows consumers to understand what is inside the cake before they buy