Products & Services for Baked Goods Manufacturers

Dawn Foods has helped bakeries of all sizes grow for nearly 100 years, and we understand your unique needs as a sweet baked goods manufacturer. You're constantly reacting to the changing needs of your customers, trying to keep costs down and operate efficiently, and working to ensure that you're providing safe, in-demand products that consumers will enjoy and come back for. We get it, and we're here to help.

The Perfect Partner for Manufacturer Success

Beyond the quality of our products, Dawn Foods offers manufacturers and industrial customers the distribution and fast access you need to be successful. We manufacture a complete range of sweet bakery products, including mixes, bases, concentrates, icings, glazes and fillings — and offer a broad selection of ingredients like shortening, chocolate, and flavourings — everything that you need for success.

We know that manufacturers have unique needs. Your business is complex. You’re servicing foodservice and supermarket outlets, and there are more labeling, regulatory and logistical requirements than ever before. At Dawn Foods, we are both manufacturer and supplier, so we understand the complexities you face daily. We are your one-stop source for quality products and for the network you need to get them to you and, if needed, to your customers.

Our Targeted Solutions for Manufacturers

  • Highest quality ingredients, ideas and formulas to help create signature items and on-trend products that consumers are looking for
  • Regulatory compliance and support for all orders and nutritional information for all products
  • Rapid sourcing of short lead time and unique ingredients so you get what you need when you need it
  • Outstanding technical support on all Dawn Foods manufactured ingredients, as well as access to the technical staff of all our vendor partners

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