Dawn Identified Trends

What's Trending

Dawn has identified the top trends to give a view on what’s happening in the marketplace, with consumer behaviors, and macro industry influences. The trends are inspiration for Dawn to partner with bakers to create innovative ideas and new ways of doing business to BETTER MEET CONSUMER NEEDS.

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Blissful Indulgence

In a highly connected world, people look for opportunities to disconnect and reduce stress and anxiety from always being “on”. They want a momentary escape from reality with an indulgent sweet.


There’s an experiential aspect to food that goes beyond mere sustenance, people seek ways to make eating an overall experience and a form of entertainment.  If it’s not worth sharing socially it’s not #Eatertainment.

My Food ID

Food is an expression of who we are and it communicates our story.  People want to share with others as they believe you are what you eat.


Mashup Adventure

Cross-cultural flavors with surprising combinations and twists give people a low-risk way to be adventurous and have unique sensory experiences.

Just For Me

One size does not fit all, and consumers expect custom experiences tailored to their individual needs to make them feel known, understood and important.

Enlightened Eating

People seek great tasting, pure and simple products free from artificial ingredients that are loaded with nutrients to fuel their bodies and support a health-conscious lifestyle.


Transparency 360

People choose brands that offer meaningful products aligned to bigger-picture values that impact the world, such as supporting local communities, sustainable practices and environmental impact.

Twenty-Five 7

Time is precious, and people are constantly exploring ways to save time and maximize the hours in each day. They look for easy, efficient experiences that won’t compromise food quality.