Dip Quik

We know that convenience, easy to use products and versatility are key to your success as a busy baker. That’s why we have revolutionized the way you will use icings to give you the complete solution for your finishing needs. Dawn Foods is proud to present "Dip Quik". Dip Quik is the first ready to use icing, that doesn't require any heating. It is perfect for dipping donuts and other bakery products.


Product Features

  • No heating - very convenient!
  • Very quick to prepare
  • Minimal waste
  • No need of any equipment
  • Endless colour & flavour combination - possible with Dawn Dip Quik White & Dawn compounds
  • Ability to decorate on the spot and create signature donuts
  • Sell donuts at a higher price

Product Usage

Since Dip Quik is a ready to use product, the usage is very simple: 


Defrost your donut

Just rely on the best tasting American donuts, by using Dawn’s frozen donuts. As we bake donuts for 100 years, we know what it takes to bake the perfect donut. The only thing you have to do is defrost them to ambient temperature.


Optional colouring with dawn compounds

Dip Quik is a ready to use white icing that you can easily colour. By adding a Compound to your Dip Quik, you can create any colour you like. This gives you an unlimited colour pallet for your donuts surface and coloured artwork on top of it. Just fill up those squeezy bottles or piping bags and become an artist.


Start dipping your donuts!

Ready for action? Your Dip Quik is. Pour it in a bowl straight from the pail, maybe add some colour and you immediately can start dipping your donuts. Everybody can do it, skilled or not. After the dip, just leave the donuts to dry on a rack or sprinkle your decorations on it. That’s it! We told you it was easy.


Finish with the decoration of your choice

Once you create your perfect canvas you can start adding decorations like chocolate, caramels, popcorn, crumbles, candy, cookies… Or you can start making a real piece of art by start painting lines with another coloured Dip Quik... the sky is your limit. You don’t have to be Michelangelo to get inspired and create anything you like.

Easy & Quick Donut Dipping

Product Information

  • Name: Dip Quik White
  • Code: 8.03330.303
  • Packaging: 3kg pail
  • Shelf-life: 12 months ambient