Mousse and Creme Dessert Mixes

Dawn Mousse/Crème Dessert Mixes give you the versatility to make delicious, fluffy mousses, smooth crème filled desserts or creamy panna cottas. No matter where your creativity takes you, we have the mix for you.

Use our mixes to create everything from classic chocolate mousses to fruity trifles, indulgent crème dessert pots, creamy tart fillings or simple cupcake toppings. This one mix can do it all, making it a smart tool for your business.


  • Panel testing with consumers show Dawn is preferred over competitors for our natural flavours and great taste
  • Proven stability – creations retain their shape
  • Excellent solubility – mix dissolves quickly
  • Harmonized yield
  • Consistent quality
  • Freeze stable
  • Fruit variants include real fruit pieces