innovation that matters

Innovation can be breakthrough, or something small that has an impact. That's what drives us at Dawn: innovation that makes a difference - big or small.  


 We are committed to innovation that matters to you and what impacts the lives of your customers. It is baked into our legacy of developing products and solutions that enable you to work smarter and better meet consumer needs. 


Together we can make a difference and make an impact on life’s sweet moments. Together we make them even more memorable.






Global trends

Our collaborative approach to innovation is supported by our
global trend reports
and market specific insights on consumer behaviour and demands, taste profiles and industry developments. Allowing you to get as close to the consumer as possible.


Yes! it's vegan

Our R&D teams and application chefs help you to capitalise on these trends with relevant product developments, using new ingredients that address evolving consumer preferences, versatile recipe ideas that bring trends to life and effective communication strategies to market new offerings.



innovation backed by expertise


Our innovation efforts draw on Dawn’s more than 100 year heritage, and the hands on and strategic expertise this has ingrained into our business.

Looking back at our legacy, and the leaps and bounds we’ve made since we created the first industrial donut mix and patented the automatic donut turnover icing machine, helps us to look to the future. Explore our latest product innovations, helping you adapt to new trends and changing consumer demands.




innovation in action


Inspired by these early acts of innovations, our 4,000 global team members never miss an opportunity – big or small – to develop game-changing products and solutions, create efficiencies, and provide actionable business advice to our customers. 

More innovation stories coming soon in this section.

Innovation that matters

Whether you want to start up a new bakery, expand or move into wholesale delivery, or open up new markets and reach new target groups, we have the insights, knowledge and expertise to innovate around your specific needs.