Caramel Apple Muffins


  • DAWN® Creme Cake Base - Toffee 1000g
  • Whole Egg 350g
  • Vegetable Oil 300g
  • Water 225g
  • DAWN® Delifruit Daily - Apple 390g
  • DAWN® Caramel Glossy Icing 1000g
  • Pecan Nuts for decoration


Add the DAWN® Creme Cake Base - Toffee and the egg to a mixing bowl.

Mix with a beater for 1 minute on slow and then 3 minutes on medium speed.

Stream the oil and water in over 1 minute on slow speed.

Scrape down and then mix for a further 2 minutes on slow speed.

Deposit 70g of the mixture into small muffin or cupcake cases.

Inject the batter with 15g of DAWN® Delifruit Daily - Apple.

Bake at 190-200°C for 20-25 minutes.

Allow to cool thoroughly and then remove the paper cases.

Cover the top of each muffin with 30-40g of DAWN® Caramel Glossy Icing allowing a little to run down the sides.

Insert an ice lolly stick just off center and decorate with 3 whole pecan nuts.

MAKES: 26 Muffins