Chocolate Indulgence Donuts

Chocolate Indulgence Donuts




Mix the ingredients in a spiral mixer for 2 minutes slow and then 8-10 minutes fast. Rest for 10 minutes.

Scale into ball donuts.

Prove (38°C / 45%-55% humidity) for 40-50 minutes.

Fry in good quality solid shortening at 180°C-185°C for 1 minute each side.

Allow to cool.


Pipe Dawn® Chocolate Frostinginto the centre of the donuts.

Heat Dawn® Chocolate Fudge Icingto 40°C-50°C and dip, shake and wipe the top of the donuts.

Once the fudge icing has cooled pipe a swirl of Dawn® Chocolate Frostingon the top of the donuts and place on this a chocolate Dobla Diablo Triangle.