Chocolate Orange Rocky Road Cake

You Will Need:


  • Mix around in thier tubs the Scoop & Bake batters with a spatula or spoon, to begin.
  • Using an 9inch round pan scope out around 800g of Dawn® Brownie Scoop & Bake.
  • Then using another 9inch round pan scoop out around 1000g of Dawn® Milk Chocolate Orange Scoop and Bake. Bake both at 180°C (in a deck oven) for approx. 30-40 mins (top heat 4.5 bottom heat 2.5).
  • Once both cakes bases are cool sit the brownie on a 10 inch cake board and pipe/spread a 10mm layer of Dawn® Orange Frosting, across the surface. Add the Milk Chocolate Orange Cake on top and then cover the whole cake with Dawn® Chocolate Frosting.
  • Smooth the surface and use a comb scraper around the sides. Then randomly place chocolates and other decorations of your choice roughly on top covering the entire top surface.
  • To finish pipe large and small circles overlapping with Dawn® Chocolate Fudge Icing.

This is not only appealing to the eyes but offers a really tasty indulgence, to stand out at any celebration. Or serve individual slices with any hot or cold drink for a perfect afternoon treat!