Dipping Cookie Sticks


  • To begin, tip out the Dawn® Scoop & Bake Vanilla Cookie dough and roll with a small amount of flour for dusting, to avoid sticking.
  • Place the rolled out cookie dough onto a greased tray or using baking paper to line the tray.
  • Press down the dough around the tray to ensure all of the baking area is covered.
  • Bake at 170°C for 18 – 20 minutes in a deck oven.
  • Once removed from the oven sprinkle the chocolate chips / chunks on the baked cookie sheet whilst still hot.
  • Pre-cut the cookie sheet into strips whilst still warm to avoid breakages.
  • Serve as they are or with a small pot of sauce (any flavour) to dip the cookie stick into for extra pleasure & indulgence!

Perfect to sell with a hot drink, or to create an attractive display for an impulsive 'food to go' snack.