Oreo Cake

Red Velvet Cake


For 2 Cakes 18 cm
  • 1000 g Chocolate Crème Cake batter
  • 600 g Dawn Frosting Cream Cheese/Vanilla
  • 300 g Whipped Cream Oreo Cookies


1. Chocolate Crème Cake batter
  • 1000 g Dawn Premium Crème Cake Mix Chocolate
  • 350 g Whole egg
  • 300 g Vegetable oil
  • 250 g Waterr
1900g Total


Once cake bases are cooled
  • Cut top dome off and crumble and then into three layers
  • Sandwich three layers with Dawn Frosting
  • Cover the entire cake with whipped Cream and crumble inclusions
  • Stick dried crumbles on side
  • Pipe rosette with whipped cream
  • Garnish with Oreo Cookies


1. Chocolate Crème Cake batter
  • Mix all Ingredients 1 minute slow, and 3-4 minutes medium speed with flat beater
  • Deposit Crème Cake batter into Ring Cake forms
  • Bake in deck oven: 180°C, fan oven: 160°C for 40 -50 minutes
Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate disks with a sweet cream filling in between. Oreo has become the best-selling cookie in the United States since its introduction in 1912. The cookie is now produced in several countries. A wide variety of cakes and desserts has been developed with this cookie.