Red Velvet Christmas Cake

Red Velvet Christmas Cake


Dawn® Creme Cake Base - Red Velvet 1000g
Whole Egg 350g
Vegetable Oil 300g
Water 225g

Dawn® Cream Cheese Frosting 1100g
Red Velvet Cake Crumb


Add the Dawn® Creme Cake Base - Red Velvet and the egg to the mixing bowl.

Mix with a beater for 1 minute on slow and then 3 minutes on medium speed.

Stream the oil and water in over 1 minute on slow speed.

Scrape down and then mix for a further 2 minutes on slow speed.

Deposit 1.2kg of the mixture into a deep 10” round tin or 400g into each of 3 shallow 10” round tins.

Bake at 175°C for 50-60 minutes for the deep tins or 20 minutes for the shallow tins.

Bake the remaining batter in a tray bake tin and keep aside to make crumbs.

Once baked, allow to cool slightly and then remove from the tin. Allow to cool thoroughly (best overnight).

Cut the deep cake into 3 layers.

Place one layer onto a cake board and spread 180g of Dawn® Cream Cheese Frosting onto it. Place the second layer on top and spread another 180g of frosting onto this. Lastly place the 3rd layer on top.

Coat the whole cake with approximately 650g of the frosting.

Decorate with swirls of frosting and finish with a sprinkle of red velvet cake crumb.

MAKES: One 10” round cake