St. Clements Pot Muffin

You Will Need:


  • Mix around the Dawn® Scoop & Bake batter with a spatula or spoon, to begin.
  • Scoop the Dawn® Scoop & Bake Milk Choc & Orange batter into pantone bake cases, around 105g each.
  • Either sprinkle the top with sugar nibs or leave as they are.
  • Bake at 200°C (in a deck oven) for approx. 28 mins (top heat 5 bottom heat 2).
  • Once cool inject with a piping bag the orange curd or marmalade (15g).
  • Decorate by drizzling with fine lines of Dawn® Lemon Fudge Icing and finish with a Chocolate decoration (we have used white choc curls).

Experiment with different decoration combinations to create an attractive display. The filled pots will deliver a fruity surprise!

Tip: A variation of this recipe uses Dawn® Vanilla Frosting with Dawn® Orange fruit Bits as an alternative to using Dawn® Orange Frosting.