Toffee Popcorn Muffins

Toffee Popcorn Muffins


Dawn® Extra Moist Muffin Base - Plain 1000g
Water 500g
Vegetable Oil 300g
Toffee Pieces 150g
Dawn® Toffee Frosting
Toffee flavoured or sweet popcorn


Mix the Dawn® Extra Moist Muffin Base - Plain with the water and oil for 1 minute on slow, scrape down and then mix for 3-4 minutes on medium speed.

Add the toffee pieces and mix on slow speed for 10 seconds.

Scale into muffin cups to within approx. 5mm from the surface level.

Bake in a deck oven at 210°C or a rack oven at approx. 175°C for 28-32 minutes.


When the muffins are cool cover the top of each with a layer of Dawn® Toffee Frosting and then push toffee popcorn pieces into this so that they cover the top of the muffin.

Tip: To make your muffins even more indulgent you can inject them with Dawn® Toffee Frosting post bake and once cooled.