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Leading with Insights and Trends to Grow Your In-Store Business

As a leader of an in-store bakery, you have goals for growing your business and attracting shoppers to your bakery case. Dawn’s team of experts will work with you to help your bakery thrive. We offer the industry research, trends, product knowledge, and decorating ideas that help take bakeries from good to great. And we bring you everything — including Total Cake Solutions which help make your top-selling category stand out to your customers. Additionally, we have the donut, brownie, pastry, and seasonal items that enhance the look and feel of your bakery and help drive impulse purchases throughout the year.




With Dawn as Your Partner, We can Help You Drive Profitable Sales with Total Cake Support.

Did you know your In-store Bakeries and Commissaries can use hi-ratio cake mix multiple ways? Are you in search of the latest Buttercreme color trends? Or are your decorators seeking the latest cake decorating trends? Find the answers to these questions by downloading Dawn's Cake tools!


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Committed to Providing Total Cake Solutions for Your In-Store Bakery

Dawn’s Gourmet Cupcake Program helps In-Store Bakeries offer the nostalgic, indulgent cupcakes consumers are looking for. With 20 Gourmet Cupcake recipes to choose from, we provide the simple step-by-step directions and best-in-class ingredients to help make your cupcakes stand out, lure customers to your cases, and provide you the chance to grow your bottom line.



Dawn's Assortment Tool Offers the Insights Your Need to Maximize Your Sales

Dawn's In-Store Bakery Assortment Tool analyzes the focused category, flavor, and pack size offerings that meet the needs of our customers’ consumers. Developed in partnership with Nielsen, our Assortment Tool targets consumer needs based on chain, region, and category preferences, enabling our customers to focus on the offerings that will best drive incremental growth for their specific stores.


Contact your Dawn Sales Representative to learn more about how Dawn’s In-Store Bakery Assortment Tool can maximize your sales and drive incremental growth.  If you are not currently a Dawn customer, complete the Contact Us Form to get in touch with a Dawn representative. 


Dawn Delivers the Products and Help You Need

Whether you need Total Cake solutions or other dry, wet, or commodity products, our extensive portfolio of tested and highest quality products has you covered. We can also work with you to commercialize and integrate new products that meet your specifications and increase consumer price points, all while ensuring your customer’s bakery needs are met. Additionally, we can partner with you to develop best-in-class frozen goods with our bakery solutions.


We also have the best technical experts in the industry who understand how to maximize product and equipment performance and collaborate with your teams to achieve optimal results. They can help with decorating, production assistance, training bakery staff, merchandising, and are committed to responsive trouble-shooting. 

Dawn Provides the Trends and Insights that Help Supermarket Bakeries Thrive

Dawn’s extensive market research, industry-leading consumer trends, and market research partners helps us ensure that we fully understand the ever-changing bakery world and deliver the key information you need to bring the right mix of products and ideas to your customers.


Check out our Supermarket Trends reports and review our Inspiration Guides to gather the latest trending desserts for your In-Store Bakery.


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