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Leading with Products, Solutions, & Insights to Grow Your In-Store Business

As an in-store bakery leader, you strive to grow your business and attract customers to your Supermarket bakery casesDawn’s Supermarket capabilities include the products, solutions, and insights to help your in-store bakeries thrive, including Total Cake Solutions which help your top-selling category stand out to your customers.

Additionally, we have the donut, cookie, muffin, and pastry products that enhance your bakery and help drive impulse purchases year-round.

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Drive Total Cake Sales with Dawn

Seeking the best quality cake products? Need buttercreme with proven quality taste that is easy to decorate with? Looking for a simple way to expand your buttercreme color portfolio? Searching for the latest bakery trends? Let Dawn help!


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Gourmet Cupcake Program - Providing Total Cake Solutions for your Bakeries

With customers turning to smaller, affordable indulgences, Dawn’s Gourmet Cupcake Program satisfies this customer need and provides your In-Store Bakery team the essential tools to drive additional sales.


Our Gourmet Cupcake Program features:

• 32 easy-to-create Gourmet Cupcake recipes
• Best-in-class Dawn ingredients
• Simple step-by-step recipe cards and instructional videos

• Gourmet Cupcake Planner to implement Gourmet Cupcakes year-round within your Bakeries


Dawn's Assortment Tool Offers the Insights Your Need to Maximize Your Sales

Designed in partnership with Nielsen, Dawn’s Assortment Tool gives our customers insights into the optimal product mix needed to grow their sales.

With Dawn's Assortment Tool, your In-Store bakeries can:

  • Identify the exact balance of product categories YOUR SPECIFIC IN-STORE BAKERIES should be selling
  • Note trending products that bring your stores INCREMENTAL SALES
  • Incorporate regional or national data to customize store offerings


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Beyond Cake - Delivering Everyday In-Story Bakery Products

Our ready-to-finish and ready-to-sell donut, muffin batters, cookies, and pastries deliver the everyday items your customers crave while also delivering less waste, investment, and labor for your bakeries.

Fresh Recipes
Our collection of inspired recipes and decorating tips is designed to give you new ideas for creative creations and tasty treats consumers will love.
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