Dawn 100: A Week of Celebration

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Here you will find all the ways you can participate in our week of celebration October 12 - 16. While our in-person celebration and activities have changed, our 100th year is about celebrating the People, Products and Customers that have been with us through it all. We hope you're able to participate and engage throughout the week. 


Participation in all Dawn 100 events is voluntary.
Additional compensation will not be provided for participation in events.

Calendar of Events
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Dawn 100
Monday, October 12: Aprons Around the World
In September, each Team Member will receive a Dawn 100 box at your location or at your home. In it, you will receive your official Dawn 100 bakery apron.  On Monday, October 12, put on your apron, and either take a picture of yourself or record a video sharing your name, your role at Dawn, how long you've been with the company, and something about yourself.

There are two ways for you to participate: 

1) If you have a Dawn email address, post your photo/video in the Dawn Today group on Workplace using #Dawn100. 


2) If you do not have a Dawn email address, click to upload: Apron Images & Videos

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Dawn 100
Tuesday, October 13: Team Member Connections
Today, we connect our team around the world through one-on-one engagement. We are a team of incredibly talented people with a passion for bakery. From manufacturing and distribution to operations, drivers, finance, safety and more, each of us Inspires Bakery Success Every Day.

Click to sign up to be part of the Team Member connect. Sign up is open until September 11. You will receive your match on Monday, September 21: Team Member Connections (English)

There are two ways for you to participate: 

1) If you have a Dawn email address and opted in for the Team Member connect, schedule your meeting for Tuesday, October 13. Have your conversation by video if you can. Take a screen grab or picture of your video connection and share it in the Dawn Today Group on Workplace using #Dawn100.

2) If you do not have a Dawn email address or did not opt in for the Team Member connect find an opportunity on Tuesday during lunch, a break, or in between tasks to connect with a member of your team. Ask them something about themselves or share with them your appreciation for the work they do to help Dawn Inspire Bakery Success Every day.

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Wednesday, October 14: Virtual Celebration

Join CEO Carrie Jones-Barber for a special Global Town Hall to celebrate Dawn's 100th birthday.

We will hear from guests around the world as we celebrate what makes Dawn special - Our People, Our Products and Our Customers.

The broadcast can be accessed by all Team Members. A Dawn email address is NOT required to join the meeting. If you are unable to join the live meeting from 10 am - 11 am EST, a recording will be made available on this page and emailed to Team Members.

The broadcast will be done in English, with Spanish subtitles provided for pre-recorded segments.

Click here to join the meeting


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Thursday, October 15: Family Baking Traditions
Do you make the BEST cookies in your family? Or do you always get requests for your cake? Well, we want to hear about YOUR family baking traditions! Gather your ingredients and invite your family to participate, too! Let's see the great recipes from around the homes of Dawn Team Members!

How it Works: 
Submit a photo(s) or video of you or you and your family baking one of your family's best recipes. Tell us about the recipe in the caption or on the video - was it passed down from your grandmother? Or one you created yourself? And if you're up for it, share the recipe with the team!

There are two ways for you to submit your items: 

1) If you have a Dawn email address, post your photo/video in the Dawn Today group in the Dawn Today Group on Workplace and tag it using #Dawn100. 


2) If you do not have a Dawn email address, click to upload your photo(s) or video: Family Baking Traditions

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Dawn 100
Friday, October 16: Bakery Quiz & Team Mosaic

Don’t let the week come to an end without uploading your photo to be included in the Dawn 100 team mosaic and taking our bakery quiz. 

Team Mosaic Print: 
Click here to upload your image to be included in our Team mosaic print. The final print will be shared later this year. (Please note - the image shown to the left is a placeholder)

Bakery Quiz: 
Find out which sweet bakery item you're most like! Click here to take our quiz.


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