An exciting new type of donut just for you

We are excited to introduce the new-to-the-world Sourdoughnut Mix. A mashup that combines everything consumers love about sourdough bread and yeast raised donuts! With this versatile donut mix, you can create a wide variety of unique, on-trend, signature sourdough offerings that your consumers will pay a premium for.





It's time for something really new!

A great new texture experience for your clients

Outside of the Cronut®, there has not been a new donut texture introduced in decades. Instead, premium donut innovation has been driven by toppings and additions to existing donut offerings.

Sourdough donuts are - like the regular yeast raised donut - fried rings or balls. The difference is that they offer some more bite. They are bit more sturdy. Also, their flavour is different, though it is hard to describe, but it definitely is less overly sweet. They are still light fried dough of course, but set you apart from the crowd.

As easy to make as yeast-raised donuts






Fill and decorate

Play around with fillings to see which ones keep your customers coming back, from classic fruit jams to an indulgent chocolate hazelnut or fresh cream filling. You can also add an eye catching sheen to your Sourdoughnuts with one of our popular glazes or icings.



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