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Ingredients, mixes and much more. Dawn Foods offers manufacturers and industrial customers tailored products and solutions designed to help you work smarter and better meet consumer needs. Our range of bakery products includes mixes, bases, icings, glazes and fillings – as well as market-driven solutions such as vegan, gluten-free and reduced sugar. 

We understand that manufacturers have unique needs. Combining your objectives with our industry expertise, we collaborate to develop products and solutions that meet your specific requirements and challenges. We work with you as strategic partners, connecting you with our chefs and R&D team. Whether you want to create efficiencies in your operations or rework existing applications or processes to reduce waste and improve profitability, we’re with you every step of the way.

Together, we can make life’s sweet moments even more memorable.

Tailored products and services
  • Highest quality ingredients, ideas, and formulas to help create signature items and on-trend products that consumers are looking for
  • Regulatory knowledge so you can ensure all products are compliant with regional and local legislations
  • Expertise from our pool of highly experienced application chefs and regional and global R&D teams
  • Customised solutions and recipes, adapted to your specific production requirements
  • Outstanding technical support on all Dawn Foods manufactured ingredients, as well as access to the technical staff of all our vendor partners
  • Sites that are all International Featured Standard (IFS) certified to be Global Foods Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliant
Customised Solutions

Innovation that makes a difference to you and the lives of your consumers is what drives us at Dawn. As a result, our R&D teams have developed specific capabilities – across product categories – to help you create an offering that meets market-driven demands, with ease.

Discover our capabilities and product offering here in details inspirational & innovative campaigns to stay tuned to trends in the market and differenciate, while answering to current customers needs.

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All areas of your store rely on consumer insight. Let Dawn Foods bring that expertise to your bakery. From data on seasonal flavors and recipes to new products based on extensive consumer testing, we know what the people shopping in your bakery want.
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