How to reach health conscious consumers with sweet bakery

Wholegrains, spelt, buckwheat and quinoa are not new to the market or tastebuds – but the benefit these ancient grains have are more well-known than ever. So much so that they’re being specifically sought out by European consumers, with 56% believing it’s important to choose foods that positively benefit how their body functions. (1)

The sweet bakery sector is slowly but surely responding to the demands of health-conscious consumers. We’ve seen a 4% increase in sweet bakery launches with a wholegrain claim in Europe. (2) In response to 67% of European consumers being influenced by reduced sugar claims, we’ve also seen a 3.6% increase in sweet bakery launches with reduced sugar claims. (3)

[1] Source: Innova 

[2] [3] Source: Innova 3 year Cagr

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