Scaling Portions for Social Distancing

Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right! Sell More by Mixing Up Portion Sizes to Fit Today’s Appetites.

Typically, portion sizes aren’t a critical factor in helping you sell your baked goods. Cakes, pies, and more tend to come in serving sizes that are industry standard and what consumers expect. But with new ways of shopping and consuming stemming from COVID guidelines, portion sizes can make all the difference when customers decide if that bakery treat is worth it.

Downsize to Singe Servings

For baked goods like pies that typically come in 9- or 10-inch sizes, consider offering smaller 5-inch versions to help boost sales. For singles or couples social distancing, a full pie may seem impractical. By offering single servings, you’ll be more apt to sell and help your customers see the value in partaking in a well-deserved dessert.


This same approach applies to cakes. While they remain an integral part of any bakery offering, consider focusing on cupcakes. Single serving treats where customers can buy one or 12 make the most sense in these times and feel easier to have delivered or picked up curbside.  You can also incorporate smaller cakes, like 4-inch rounds or 8x8 squares so families can treat themselves without feeling like leftovers will go to waste.


All of these smaller and single-serve treats can also become part of take-home kits, or frozen for baking and decorating at home. This gives your customers both the flexibility and indulgence they want in highly unusual times.

Right Size the Celebration

Unfortunately, shelter at home guidelines coincide with many seasonal celebrations like graduations, end of school year sports and activities banquets, Mother’s Day, and more. Don’t let the celebration pass your customers by! Offer and heavily promote celebration cakes and desserts that are right-sized for a smaller crowd. A graduation cake doesn’t need to be a half-sheet cake and feed 75 people.

Again, focus on smaller sizes that make sense for families at home, but be sure to maintain the celebratory feel of dessert. Offering buttercream in school colors, creating donuts shaped like baseballs or basketballs, baking cookies that showcase a graduate’s college choice are all smart options that help consumers remember that they can still celebrate – just in a different way.


Mixing up portion sizes may seem like a small change, but it’s one that can make a big difference in helping customers realize that their favorite treats are there and ready to mark special moments or just give them a break amid a hectic day.

We're Here to Help You

Still intimidated by social and struggling the find the time?  We’re here to help. Dawn Foods will be providing social media content and suggestions to our customers over the coming weeks to help you stay connected and stay busy. It’s just one way we put bakers first and are focused on doing all we can do to help you succeed.