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We offer a wide range of fruitfillings , which are ideal for filling, decorating or flavouring your mix of desserts, cakes, pies, danish pastry, mousses, and more. With our Delifruit range, we carefully select the best fruits in season from leading places of origin, so you can rest assured that you are giving your customers an experience they won’t forget.

Our latest innovations in the category also include:

. A superfuit filling to answer today’s more mindful consumers’ need for better for you products

. A new range with 80% fruit and 30% reduced calories and sugar (vs market average)



Delifruit Range

Our Delifruit Fruitfillings contain whole fruits, fruit concentrate, pulp or puree, developed for fresh applications.

The range consists in:

  • All natural flavours available in 24 varieties and packaging sizes
  • Highest fruit quality, carefully selected from origin, for instance: Belgian Jonagold Apple
  • Choice from 15-90% of fruit content
  • Ready to use, straight from the packaging
  • Packed in tins, so the fruit integrity is conserved and shelf life extended up to 24 months



Delifruit Xtra

Our most premium filling, it contains 90% fruit content. Created to be as fresh as possible, we use fresh fruit compote as the main binding agent.

  • Apples are freshly peeled
  • Available in 5,5 or 11kg bucket

Delifruit Classic

Ideal for quality baking, our classic formula contains 60-70% fruit content and in most varieties and uses whole fruits.

  • Formula is bake and freeze stable
  • Whole fruits (except for Raspberry, Lemon, Orange and Passion Fruit)

Delifruit Daily

Perfect for basic creations, our daily formula offers less than 50% fruit content and doesn't sacrifice on taste.

  • Offers a shelf life of nine months
  • Bake stable
  • Freeze stable



How-to video

Get inspired by our how-to video below, to show you how to use them and give you ideas of applications:


the perfect combination
Dawn exceptional© delifruit classic superfruit

This new filling is a berry blend filling made up of superfruit: blue berries, cranberries and pomegranates. The term 'superfood' was coined as early as the 1990s but in recent years it's become recognised worldwide. Within the group of superfoods are some fruits, which have high levels od antioxidants.

With a fruit content of 70% and a delicious balance between the sweet and sour flavours of these fruits, this delicious ready-to-use filling is part of our Dawn Exceptional© range.Dawn-Fruitfillings2022-superfruit-packshot

  • Ready to use filling
  • Flexibility to use in baked or unbaked recipes
  • 70% Fruit content
  • All natural flavours & bake stable



New: Fruit Fillings with 80% fruit and 30% reduced calories and sugar*


Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat - especially their sugar intake - as evidenced by numerous governmental initiatives and health-related organisations. We’ve therefore created an additional range of high quality fruitfillings, bumping up the fruit content and replacing all the refined sugars with natural sweeteners like Stevia. Dawn-Fruitfillings2022-80-brochure2

  • Bake and cut-stable
  • Delicious fruit flavour
  • Reduced calories by 30%*
  • Reduced sugar by 30%*
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


Part of our 2025 CSR ambitions regarding our product portfolio consist in an increase in the range of our Better-for-You Balance offer, with reformulated solutions to drive new nutritional standards.

Learn more on our CSR page


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