Scoop & Bake delicious...muffins!

Scoop & Bake is ideal for creating freshly baked sweet goods with homemade appearance and taste. Entice consumers with fresh and customised finishes, helping to round out your case for any season or eating occasion. And, our uncomplicated batter is easy to use for staff of any skill level, so your bakery can save on time, money and labour.

Dawn's Scoop & Bake gives you consistent performance, guaranteeing delicious results every time.


  • Uncomplicated product, easy to scoop, straight from the tub
  • Simple to use, no mixing equipment needed
  • Store with an eight-day chill life
  • A flexible muffin base for creating unique styles by adding a variety of inclusions and decorations
  • Homemade style and appearance
  • No special skills or professionals are required
  • Flexible for baking small batches or different flavours together
  • Easy storage (2 kg tubs or 7 kg pails)
  • Frozen shelf life of 9 months frozen for better stock management