Family Company

Dawn started as a family business. And no matter how large we grow, family is still at the heart of how we think, how we treat our customers and how we treat each other. Here’s a quick look at our family and their history of dedication to serving you and your business.
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Over a Century of Baking and Innovation

Ingredients are at the heart of who we are – it’s where we started over 100 years ago. Within just a few years, more than 50 bakeries were using Dawn donut mix throughout the Midwest. Bakers recognized that Dawn had something special – a donut recipe that produced delicious, consistent, high performing donuts every time. 

Over 100 years later, Dawn creates much more than donuts.  We have more than 4,000 products made to inspire bakers around the world to create sweet moments.  Our team is full of more than 4,000 passionate Team Members across 105 countries dedicated to helping you succeed.

From our first donut mix to the innovative, on-trend products of today, Dawn ingredients and partnership stand for trusted quality, proven performance, and timeless taste.

Ron Jones
A champion of customer satisfaction throughout his 50-plus years with Dawn Foods, Ron continues to reinforce the meaning behind Dawn’s Circle of Excellence with teams on a daily basis.
Miles Jones
For more than 35 years, Miles has been dedicated to ensuring that Dawn Foods continues to innovate in the high quality, new products we bring to bakers and other industry leaders.
Carrie Jones-Barber
Having served Dawn Foods since 1985 in various roles, Carrie now leads the company, working to build on its long tradition of quality with ideas for the future that celebrate trends, consumer insight and the next generation of baking excellence.
Aaron Jones
Having held numerous positions since 2000, from warehouse, to sales, to administration, and currently serving as Senior Manager, Credit, Aaron brings a broad base of experience to Team Dawn, ensuring best practices and fiscal responsibility.
Sam Jones
Part of the Dawn team since 2003, Sam brings a strong analytical background, helping us connect with customers around the world.
Sarah Richmond
Originally with Dawn from 1993-2003, Sarah returned in 2007 to establish and lead the Dawn Foods Foundation that works to support and enhance the communities where Dawn facilities are located.