8 Consumer Trends Every Baker Should Know

Unlike fads from recent memory – remember the acid-wash jeans craze of the ‘90s – consumer trends actually have staying power. And, more importantly, trends can translate into far-reaching business opportunities for those who spot them early and know how to take advantage of them.

At Dawn, we’re passionate about helping you succeed and ultimately, drive your business forward. Through our research and insights into the consumer trend landscape, we help our customers make more informed business decisions and better meet consumer demands in the marketplace.

An Informed Approach

Our global team of dedicated Market Research and Insights experts spent the last three years researching the consumer trends landscape, pouring through data, visiting bakeries of all sizes and observing everyday consumer behavior from around the world. Based on this research – and analysis of more than 100 data sources and more than 85 market place products and services from around the world – we uncovered 8 new trends to help you capitalize on consumer’s evolving needs.

Throughout the next year, we’ll take a deeper dive into each trend, exploring the drivers and data behind them and how you can easily insert them into your business.

  • Luxury Found: busy, nonstop lifestyles and the constantly plugged-in mentality, lead consumers to crave “me time”. In an effort to unwind and escape with a special reward, consumers often seek decadent products with the finest ingredients to satisfy their need for indulgence
  • No Passport Required: bold new flavor fusions and authentic experiences, particularly ethnic offerings are sure to delight consumer’s global palates
  • Simple & Pure: consumers crave a no-fuss approach to eating with pragmatic principles: Eat real food, made with familiar, wholesome ingredients
  • #FoodieExpressions: technology has played a major role in spreading food love and consumers have developed a growing desire to show off products and services that are unique, memorable and shareable
  • Mashup Mania: experimenting with new foods and flavors is exhilarating and adventurous. Consumers crave unique pairings and fusions of food textures, forms and flavors—and their expectations are high
  • Enlightened Eating: Empowered by unprecedented access to information, consumers are proactively seeking inherent benefits from food, like protein that helps build muscle or probiotics that contribute to healthy digestion, and they look to find their own personal balance between health and indulgence
  • 25/7: products and services that free up time or allow consumers to earn time to do the things that are most valued, become the ultimate hero
  • Transparency 360: looking beyond ingredient quality, consumers also want details about the resources required to make what they consume and they feel good about supporting local businesses and buying products that are ethically sourced over the entire value chain

Be sure to check back as we take an in-depth dive into each of the 8 new trends in upcoming months and discover easy ways to incorporate them into your planning mix. If you’re a customer and interested in learning more about each trend, please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.