Foodie Expressions Spotlight

Foodie culture across the globe has exploded. For many of us, cooking has gone from a chore to a passion, while going out for a meal has become a way we connect with others and express ourselves.
In today’s always plugged-in culture, technology plays a major role in spreading food love. From celebrity chef TV shows to e-delivery services that help us cook #instaworthy meals, consumers have developed a growing desire to show off the products and services they experience that are unique, memorable and shareable.
Baked goods and sweets provide the perfect opportunity for bakers and consumers alike to showcase this desire. Through our new trend #FoodieExpressions, our goal is to provide products and inspirations applicable to this insight that meet consumers desire to obtain a total food experience.


Drivers Behind the Trend

When our global Market Research and Insights experts explored the research informing our new “#FoodieExpressions” trend, these key insights drove our thinking:

  • Younger generations are leading the YOLO movement. Living life to the fullest is their mantra – they value experiences and individuality over ownership of consumer goods
  • Food and dining out is becoming an event – an experience of its own. Food and drink pairings, tasting menus, food trucks and restaurant hopping –  to try one for dinner and another for dessert –  is now common
  • Social media helps showcase these foodie experiences and fuels ongoing interest and engagement
  • Consumer’s desire to express themselves drives 12 percent of sweet baked good occasions, as many sweets are intended for others and what people decide to share says a lot about a person’s identify
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Bakeries across the globe are upping their game to offer goodies that not only taste good, but offer the “wow” factor in design as well. As you look for ways to implement this trend into your offerings – whether it’s a birthday cake loaded with brownies, donuts and cupcakes or a sweet baked sushi roll – Dawn is here to help make your sweetest ideas a baked dream come true.  
If you’re interested in learning more about our #FoodieExpressions trend or any of our eight new trends, please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.