Enlightened Eating Spotlight

Whether for fitness, medical reasons or overall health, many of us use food to fuel, nourish and heal our body. Empowered by unprecedented access to information, we incorporate a more nuanced view of food and nutrition into our daily diet. By proactively seeking inherent benefits from food, like protein that helps build muscle or probiotics that contribute to healthy digestion, we find our own personal balance between health and indulgence. 

Despite the baking industry being associated with indulgent treats, it’s in our best interest to add variety to our offerings by considering this consumer demand for food items with natural health benefits. This desire for enlightened eating will only continue to grow in the future, earning its way into our 8 global trends. 


Drivers Behind the Trend

When our global Market Research and Insights experts explored the research informing our new “Enlightened Eating” trend, these key insights drove their thinking:

• Influenced by younger generations, people of all ages are proactively addressing their health in a more holistic and personalized manner.

• Positive and natural health benefits are important. According to a US study: 

o 64% of people agree that they want to hear about what to eat, rather than about what not to eat.

o 65% of people find products that are naturally high in nutrients to be “very appealing.” 

o 66% of people 25 to 44 actively seek products that improve their health (e.g. gut health, brain health, energy, etc.). 

• People actively look to integrate the inherent benefits of plants into their daily lives, driving plant milks, meat substitutes and vegan offerings into the mainstream.

• Yet there is room for indulgence as people are flexible with their eating habits. Examples include eating only paleo five days a week or gluten-free when possible.

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As consumers continue to look for balanced, wholesome products, Dawn is here to help provide the necessary ingredients to meet your customers’ dietary needs and food goals and are always here to ideate alongside you to bring this trend to life. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Enlightened Eating trend or any of our eight new trends, please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.