No Passport Required Spotlight

More than ever before, consumers around the globe have easy access to an abundance of flavors and cuisines. From the ethnic aisles of grocery stores to food halls, food trucks, multicultural restaurants and the many media sources that showcase foods from around the world, global flavors are no longer foreign. 

In the bakery, feeding this consumer enjoyment and exploration with flavor fusions and authentic experiences is sure to delight the global palates of our customers, making “No Passport Required” an exotic addition to our 8 global trends. 


Drivers Behind the Trend

When our global Market Research and Insights experts explored the research informing our new “No Passport Required” trend, the theme of globalization continued to shine as the world around us is more diverse than ever before. For example: 

• In the U.S., 13% of all Americans are foreign-born and no racial or ethnic majority is expected by 2050

• Our connected world expands awareness of cultures and cuisines 

• There has never been so much variety and spread in the choices of authentic cuisines from around the world. 

• Led by millennials, consumers increasingly enjoy experimenting with new and different foods, which helps explain the exponential growth of new flavor fusions and products with an “ethnic” positioning.

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As our food selections continue to cross regions and cultures, Dawn is here for you with the unique flavor options and ingredients you need to surprise and delight consumers who are looking for something beyond the ordinary. 

Not sure how to start incorporating our No Passport Required trend or interested in learning more about all our right new trends? Please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.