Our 2018 Bakery Predictions: Key Trends to Consider to Drive Business Forward

As the 2017 year comes to an end, the new calendar year will undoubtedly bring surprises, challenges and excitement to our customers around the globe. The start of each new year signals an important time for bakeries to develop a game plan to respond to the constantly changing consumer landscape and determine how it will affect their business operations – with a focus on how to maximize product offerings.

While 2018 will certainly bring unknowns to the industry, our Global Research and Development team is focused on ensuring we have the insights and data-driven research at our fingertips to help our customers prepare for what’s next. This allows them to think outside the box and push their products and business strategies forward.

In preparation for the year ahead, our R&D team developed the following predictions most likely to impact the baking business. As you plan for 2018, the Dawn team is here to help you integrate these predictions into your plans with the goal to optimize your day-to-day business. 


Dawn’s 2018 Predictions

  • The global bakery market will continue to be dominated by a combination of scratch and mix baking: If your bakery currently uses only scratch baking techniques or only mixes, consider implementing a mixture of both into your offerings. Using mixes ensures consistent flavors and textures and helps bakeries from a variety of cost control perspectives and in return offers time and resources back to focus on trademark scratch items that set bakeries apart from the competition.
  • Positive perceptions of small and local businesses will drive the artisanal baking industry: Artisanal bakers should take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate their community by bringing local influences and ties into their products (i.e. cookies in celebration of the town’s founding).
  • Consumers’ desire for fresh, sweet baked goods will encourage bakeries to expand operations into smaller chains: If you’re thinking of expanding your operations, Dawn mixes can help save you time, while keeping the great flavors your customers have grown to know and love.
  • New formats will continue creating new ways for consumption: Digital delivery, food trucks, food halls and pop-up food experiences are now the norm. These trends will continue to expand next year and provide a fun, engaging way to expand your business. We encourage you to look for ways to collaborate and integrate your business into these new consumer touch points. For example, have the new food hall sell your products or consider offering your baked goods through a digital delivery service.
  • New occasions and snacking will persevere: As the momentum of meal kits and the trend of snacking continue to help consumers explore new foods, bakers should take advantage of these occasions to offer customers new, fun products to satisfy their cravings.


If you’re interested in learning more about our Transparency 360 trend or any of our eight new trends, please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.