Transparency 360 Spotlight

People have access to more information and knowledge than ever before and in return, expectations for food transparency are growing beyond ingredient quality.

More now than ever, consumers want details about a product’s supply chain including resourcing and production. Your customers want to feel good about supporting local businesses and buying products that are ethically sourced. Additionally, consumers also expect companies to prioritize sustainability.

With a heightened need for transparency, it is imperative for bakeries to communicate their efforts – from ingredient quality to sustainability – in order to succeed in the marketplace. At Dawn, we are fully equipped to help you bring your transparency efforts to life and offer products you will be proud to sell and your customers will be proud to purchase. One great way to bring this trend to life is by using locally sourced ingredients in your recipes or by using recyclable packaging.
Our latest trends research included our Transparency 360 trends, which will help you offer products you will be proud to sell and your customers will be proud to purchase.


Drivers Behind the Trend

When our global Market Research and Insights experts explored the research informing our new “Transparency 360” trend, these key insights drove their thinking:

  • Generation Z and millennials grew up with technology and value transparency and access to detailed information
  • Younger generations have been nicknamed food evangelists because they are a new class of empowered food critics who influence others through social media, driving transparency into the mainstream
  • 73 percent of consumers feel better about food companies that are transparent about their products
  • 71 percent of consumers now pay close attention to ingredients and want to know everything that’s in their food

As one of the first industrial baking mix companies, ensuring we bring our customers products made with fresh ingredients that are sourced appropriately has always been a top priority. As transparency continues to shape the products your bakery creates, the Dawn team is always a great resource and can help you implement tools to communicate your efforts with your customers.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our Transparency 360 trend or any of our eight new trends, please reach out to your local sales representative for additional details.