Meet Gourmet Donuts

Give your customers what they crave!

Gourmet donuts are a great way to excite your customers and grow your sales. Donuts that mix flavors, textures and an unexpected combination can help differentiate your bakery. From Dirt Cup to Chocolate Peanut Overload, this program offers you the opportunity to delight your customers with donuts that will take your business to a new level.

Don't stay on the sidelines while this exciting trend grows. Getting into the gourmet donuts game is an easy way to increase your traffic and your profits!

Limitless Opportunity with Gourmet Donuts

Bakers who sell gourmet donuts cite them as a growth driver, yet they are hard to find. While 65% of consumers are likely to try gourmet donuts, only 9% of operators plan to add them. Dawn gives you a turnkey way to drive sales and profit growth with on-trend, gourmet donuts. We provide the product ideas, ingredients, recipes, training, and marketing materials to help your donut sales take off.

Increase Your Profits

Gourmet donuts can be sold for about $1.00 more than everyday donuts and only cost about $0.30 more on average to produce. For example, a $1.99 price yields an additional $.80 profit per donut compared to a $0.89 donut.


Average Donut Pricing

San Francisco: $3.50 per donut

Miami: $3.46 per donut

Washington DC: $3.35 per donut

Chicago: $3.23 per donut

New York City: $2.98 per donut

Los Angeles: $2.80 per donut

Tampa: $2.80 per donut

Getting Started with Gourmet Donuts
Our 12 exciting donut concepts build off of ingredients you already stock, so with only a few extras you can reach a second tier of pricing. Our clear and simple recipes are easy for you and your team to execute, without the need for added skills. Click the link below to download our Gourmet Donut Recipes with step-by-step instructions!
Download Gourmet Recipes

Marketing Support

In addition to Point of Sale materials included in your kit, you can use Dawn's Gourmet Donut photo library to entice customers!

Tip: Announce Gourmet Donuts with a social media post, remind customers product is available one month after launch, and post a third time when donut will be available for just one more week.


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