2020 Taught Us What Matters Most

To say 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year is an understatement. This year has taught us that bakeries, like most small businesses, are agile and can adapt to changing business environments.

This year has also taught us that people, no matter where they are in the world, cling to home, family, and trusted traditions. From the foods that are trending this year, to the anecdotal stories I’ve heard firsthand from customers and from my fellow Team Members at Dawn, one thing is true – home is where our hearts are.

In this issue of Batter Up, we focus on translating those beloved traditions into business growth. We share recipes that celebrate the past and put new twists on family favorites. We dive into the tastes and dishes that are trending in 2020 so you can create recipes that leverage what people are loving right now.

And speaking of foods people are loving right now, donuts – which is how Dawn got its start in 1920 – are at the top of takeout and delivery orders for consumers.  We look at how bakeries like yours can modernize donut offerings to improve sales, showcase your talent, stand apart from the competition, and increase profitability – all critical success factors for our industry right now.

At Dawn, we understand the challenges you’ve faced this year. From surviving mandatory closings and reduced operations to shifting business models, bakeries are proving they can and will carry on. Our vision is to Inspire Bakery Success Every Day, which means our relationships with our customers are true partnerships. We are invested in your future and inspired to help you achieve the aspirations you have for your business.

I wish you a successful end to 2020 and hope you take time to enjoy the holiday season, reflect on what means the most to each of us, and celebrate the traditions that carry us through.


Carrie Jones-Barber

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