3 Clever Ways to Drive Growth for Your Bakery This Holiday Season 


The Right Mix of Flavors and Features Will Make This Season Memorable for You and Your Customers

It’s no secret that the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most bakeries with custom orders, higher foot traffic, and special occasions through the end of the year. The holiday season allows you to showcase your creativity, knowledge of consumer preferences, and marketing to drive sales and generate customer excitement and loyalty.

This year, Dawn Foods is breaking down three ways to capitalize on the holidays:

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Build a Team That Shares Your Passion

Bakeries typically need to hire additional holiday help, and this can be challenging in today’s business environment. Remember that not everyone on the holiday team needs to have bakery experience. Think about savvy customer service experts, marketers, social media pros, and others who can help support your business in ways that impact the bottom line. You can also reach out to previous team members looking for a job this season or ask them for recommendations on others in their circle who would be a good fit for your business. Rehiring and referrals can grow your team with like-minded professionals. And get started now! Because labor resources are limited, businesses will be competing for holiday help. Connect with online employment services, reach out to local universities, and share your information on social media. According to simplyhired.com, there are nearly 13,000 active open bakery positions. Don’t let that statistic intimidate you – let it motivate you to start today.

Super Charge Your Marketing

Nearly 20 percent of small business revenue is tied to the holiday shopping season (merchantmaverick.com). To boost profits at this time, think about increasing your marketing. This can be as straightforward as doubling the amount of social media posts you share or sending out a special edition holiday email. You can also develop an online store and promote it in your marketing. From everyday staples to unique Limited Time Offers and holiday creations, marketing and selling your products online streamlines the customer experience and increases your sales opportunity. Finally, don’t lose sight of your most important social media allies – your customers. Ask them to share a favorite dessert from your business or to suggest using your bakery for holiday parties. Endorsements create community, and community will help grow your business this holiday season and beyond.

Focus on the Flavors of the Season

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There are traditional holiday flavors and desserts that consumers will always expect. This season, stock your case with these favorites and prioritize them in your marketing. Flavors like cranberry, citrus, peppermint, and chocolate are always stars of the season and work well in everything from pies and tarts to cakes, cupcakes, and donuts. While you’re celebrating traditional favorites, be sure to marry those with the top consumer trends of the season. Dawn Foods recently released our top trendsand one of them with high relevance this time of year is Daily Delights. Be sure you’re connecting your customers to high-quality, individually portioned bites that help them de-stress and unwind at this busy time of year.

Beyond specific flavors, also showcase the moments that consumers care about. The holiday season is full of special occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Eve and Day. Smart bakeries will elevate each of these moments so that customers know they can count on your business to help them celebrate with family and friends. Dawn has curated an entire library of recipes to inspire your next dessert.

Don’t Forget to Look Forward to 2023

While your business is helping customers celebrate the season, assess what worked well in 2022 and start planning for an even better 2023. Key questions to consider:

  1. The role of technology and automating tasks – where can we improve?
  2. Training our team – are we on the right track, or is there more we can do?
  3. Smart product choices – with supply chain challenges, are we purchasing mixes that can make multiple products, and are we shifting away from scratch baking where it makes sense?
  4. Our marketing mix – are we using social media and other marketing tools as effectively as possible?
  5. Trends – do we understand them and how to integrate them into our product assortment?
  6. Outside expertise – are we leaning on our partners where we can and getting the most out of their expertise?


As you plan for the holiday season and beyond, know that Dawn Foods is here to help. Contact us today to start making small changes that will greatly impact on your bottom line.


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