IBIE Recap - Dawn Food’s Melissa Trimmer, CEPC® Breaks Down her Top Take Aways

Everyone who attended IBIE is settling back into regular routines, but the inspiration, innovation, and excitement from the show is still top of mind. Dawn Food’s Melissa Trimmer, CEPC®, Corporate Executive Chef, was front and center at the show, meeting customers, walking the floor, and sharing Dawn’s new Global Bakery Trends report, which details the trends influencing what consumers want from bakeries and how bakers can integrate them into their businesses.

Here, she details her top takeaways from IBIE:

1. Quality Still Reigns Supreme

Even in the face of economic uncertainty, most bakeries are focused on quality. While there is a drive to be cost-conscious, quality still shines, and at the end of the day, often ends up boosting profits. “Quality mixes and ingredients produce better tasting and more visually appealing products,” Trimmer said. “They often command a higher price point and go a long way in building your bakery’s reputation.”  While bakeries are interested in saving where possible, the goal is still consistent, high-performing, great tasting baked goods that create lasting value.

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2. Trends are on Top

More and more, bakeries are embracing the value of consumer data to help drive the future of their assortment and the evolution of their recipes. “For many years, trends were something that primarily large markets, like New York City, would embrace while the rest of the population went about business as normal,” Trimmer added. “But, with the rise of social media, trends are hitting faster and in more places. Every bakery should look at smart ways for bringing trends to their business.” Integrating a trend into your operations doesn’t have to be complex. Trimmer suggests starting with something like a Limited Time Offer. Starting with a seasonal LTO is an easy way to test consumer reaction to something new. Then, bakers can use the numbers to plan for future LTOs and to assess which ones should become permanent menu offerings.

3. Better For You Is Coming

Data from industry (and Dawn Foods) studies is supporting the concept of Better For You products. Consumers are increasingly invested in not only what they consume, but knowing where the ingredients come from and what they contain. Emerging products like gluten free, low sugar, organic, and more are hitting the retail shelves and making their way into all types of foods, including baked goods. “We saw the Better For You concept manifesting in several places at IBIE,” said Trimmer. “And at Dawn, we’re invested in this as well. We have a full line of mixes and other products that are formulated to meet the growing consumer demands for products that are healthier and in line with their expectations.”

4. Innovation is Everywhere

“We saw so much exciting innovation,” Trimmer added. “For small to mid-sized manufacturers, there were several advancements in the equipment space that I was excited about. Dawn Foods unveiled key product innovations, like our Dawn Exceptional® Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze., which is our patent-pending glaze technology that allows for packaged yeast-raised doughnuts to stay non-sticky for up to five days.” Trimmer noted that Dawn Exceptional® Pak Perfect™ Non-Sticky Donut Glaze is a significant product innovation for donut customers that will improve shelf life and provide key financial benefits.

The bottom line? IBIE was back in full force. Trimmer noted higher attendance, deeper conversations, and momentum toward a “new normal.” “During COVID, there was a definite turn toward comfort and nostalgia,” she said. “What I saw at the show is that people are excited for what’s next and what’s new.”


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