A Candymaker's Top Tips

Katherine Duncan, founder of Katherine Anne Confections in Chicago, dishes on how to boost the rich chocolate flavor in baked goods. 

Trick-out Texture  

“Adding cocoa powder is the easiest way to not blow out the wet and dry proportions of your recipe. That’s because sugar is very hydroscopic, so if you double the chocolate, you’ll have to add some moisture. But then if you fold in an extra egg, that might make your batter tough. Depending on the recipe, you might want to add a ton of chocolate chips. Those don’t get emulsified within the batter, so you’ll get gooey bits of messy chocolate.” 

Fill 'Er Up 

“Fillings and ganache are a really solid way to get an insane, delicious chocolate flavor without fiddling with the recipe’s ratios too much. Any time you can add a distinct layer or filling of flavor, that’s a chocolate win.”

Decorate and Chill

“Chocolate loves to be worked with at 55 to 70 degrees. We’ve worked with chocolate at higher temps, but it’s super tough and frustrating. If you’re decorating with chocolate, sneak down to the basement or stand in the walk-in fridge. The more distance you can get from hot bakery ovens, the better.”